Claude Sirois C.Dir., MBA

Managing Director, Real Assets and Private Equity

Claude has more than 30 years of executive experience in international commercial real estate, applying best practices in partnership with global, world-class organizations. He has a proven track record in conducting all real estate activities, from concept formation to project completion. Accomplished at developing and leading cross-functional teams to superior, metric-based performances, Claude is an expert at initiating and implementing complex projects and achieving corporate and asset-specific objectives. He has successfully closed numerous high-level negotiations for acquiring, developing, managing, leasing, and disposing of commercial properties. He is an expert solver of both entrepreneurial and institutional challenges and is skilled at applying quality control, continuous improvement, and data-analytics expertise in teams, processes, and assets. Claude holds a Bachelor degree in Real Estate from McGill University and an MBA from HEC Montréal. He is also a Chartered Director (C.Dir.) of the Corporate Governance & Board Leadership.

Claude Sirois
“As a prudent real estate investor, tailoring sustainable and impactful real estate investments and financing innovative solutions in diverse asset classes are my priorities.”