Combining our wide-ranging investment capabilities with technological tools allows us to design innovative solutions built for today’s complex market landscape. With a proven long-term track record of outperformance, our talented team’s expertise covers the full spectrum of asset classes.

A major player in all asset classes

Public Debt

$48 Billion*
Universe and Long Term Bonds
High Yield and Corporate
Short Term and Money Market

Public Equity

$35 Billion*
Canadian Equity
Small Cap and Large Cap
Foreign Equity
US, EAFE, and Global


$15 Billion*
Private Debt
Private Equity and Infrastructure
Real Estate and Commercial Mortgage

*As at December 31, 2023. iAGAMTM also manages the equivalent of $13 billion in other assets.

TM “iAGAM” is a tradename and a trademark under which Industrial Alliance Investment Management Inc. and iA Global Asset Management Inc. operate.


Asset Allocation and Managed Solutions

Our deep asset allocation expertise allows us to select the industry’s most highly regarded fund managers. Each fund is optimally positioned for complex and evolving markets and long-term sustainable performance.
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Strategic Funds Family

These strategies aim to provide investors with stable income options. They are based on a value-oriented, bottom-up approach with constant monitoring and fine-tuning based on 12-month strategic market outlooks.

Fixed Income

Rigorous fundamental research, independent of sell-side and credit-rating agency analysis, is the cornerstone of our actively managed fixed-income strategies, resulting in opinions that are not unduly biased by market trends.

Canadian Equity

Independent fundamental research and proprietary valuation models are the foundations of our Canadian equity approach. We conduct hundreds of management interviews every year. Our Canadian equity line of solutions covers various investment styles.

Foreign Equity

Independent research is the basis of our foreign-equity approach. Our line of solutions covers global markets with various investment styles using active, passive, and quantitative strategies.


We leverage our extensive network to build, monitor, and manage a complete line of private asset portfolios. Our team provides significant allocation and selection expertise for direct and co-investments as well as private funds, while promoting a prudent, capital-protection approach.

Customized Investment Solutions

iAGAM leverages its extensive Lifeco asset management expertise to design customized investment solutions for institutional clients. We partner with clients and consultants to build portfolios that meet their various long-term objectives.