Fixed Income Managed Portfolio


This strategy that aims to maximize total return through interest income and capital appreciation. The portfolio is a fund of funds and is characterized by a short- to medium-term maturity profile, which minimizes the impact of interest-rate fluctuations while generating income. The return objective is to outperform the benchmark as well as peers throughout economic and market cycles. The strategy maintains an average investment-grade credit profile.


  • 40% FTSE Canada Universe Bond Index
  • 60% Bloomberg Intermediate US Aggregate Bond Index ($CA hedged)

Philosophy and process

  • The portfolio is actively managed using a top-down multi-strategy approach that leverages diversified sources of added value.
  • The portfolio is primarily composed of underlying funds selected by the manager to attain investment objectives. The underlying funds are invested in fixed-income securities across a range of sectors and in various sections of the capital structure.
  • The primary sources of added value are active duration management as well as sector and geographical allocations.

Why invest in these strategies?

  • A global fixed-income portfolio managed by an experienced management team with extensive industry expertise.
  • An actively managed, simple, and flexible diversified income solution with a risk-adjusted returns emphasis and daily liquidity.
  • Access to a wide spectrum of fixed-income strategies from well-known and respected global-investment firms.

How to invest?

Portfolio Manager(s)

Alexandre Morin

Senior Director, Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income

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